Ice Ice Baby – Why Ice Cubes are great for the skin

We are always on the look out for affordable but effective home remedies that improve the appearance of skin and aid repair between treatments.

You’ve probably heard about massaging the skin, tapping skin surfaces to prompt cell renewal – but have you tried using Ice Cubes?


There is now mounting research 1 to indicate that rubbing skin with an ice cube can help with acne (you should never apply ice directly onto the skin – be sure you wrap it in a muslin or cloth first!) by reducing inflammation and shrinking the pores to make the breakout look less angry.

Make Up Base

Other benefits include helping your foundation to last longer in hot weather by cooling the skin and creating an ideal canvas for the make up to be applied onto. Put a stop to your make up sweating off your face!

Puffy Eyes

Had a late night? Ice wrapped in a cloth and applied to the eyes can help reduce puffiness and make you look as fresh as a daisy. The effects will last for a few hours – long enough to get you thorough that meeting or play date.

Obviously, it’s no replacement for a good night’s sleep, but with a woman’s work never seemingly done, a block of ice will do for now!

If you are prone to acne and breakouts take a look at the acne skin treatments we have on offer to help alleviate and minimise bad skin days!