Rosacea/Sensitive Skin Treatments

Soothing Ginko Biloba Facial for Rosacea

Quite simply this is a meditation for the skin. The active ingredients work to make sensitive and reactive skin feel serene, calm and protected. This treatment will help shield those environmental nasties and leave it feeling soft and peaceful and making you feel pretty Zen all day long too.

£45.00 (approx. 75 mins)

Phyto-Aromatic Treatment for Rosacea/ Sensitive Skin

This is an ultimate sensitive skin treatment which uses a concentrated blend of essential oils such as Angelica, Chamomile, St. Johns Wort, Bitter Orange and Lavender.

These anti-inflammatory and anti-septic ingredients calm the skin and reduce redness, irritation and rosacea. Also includes the Phyto-Mask to further enhance and maximise the effect of essential oils.

£55.00 (approx. 75-90 mins)

Please Note: All facials are listed for information purposes. All treatments are bespoke and tailored to each client’s skin concerns. So don’t worry if you are unsure about which treatment is most suitable for you, this will be discussed during your skin consultation, where the most appropriate treatment will be recommended for your particular skin concerns.