Premature Ageing Facial Treatments

Repairing and Protective/Collagen Mask with Vitamin E
(anti-free radical treatment)

This facial has specifically been designed to fight those nasties that we all suffer from such as sun damage and other environmental stress factors.

Full loaded with Active ingredients Vitamin E, an antioxidant to protect and repair skin and Collagen to restore and hydrate the skin thus delivering optimal radiance, making your skin appearance more brighter, clearer and younger looking.

£55.00 (approx. 75 mins)

Phyto-Aromatic Facial for Wrinkled Skin

The Phyto-Aromatic treatment is designed to deep clean, hydrate and with the use of a protective Phyto Mask it itensely moisturises the skin and maximises the effect of essential oils. Its selected specifically for ‘sensitive’ skin and uses a thirst-quenching cocktail of seaweed extracts and Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) to help regenerate skin leaving it supple and firm. The use of essential oils has an immediate effect on wrinkles and fine lines. This concentrate of stimulating and tonifying ingredients promote the renewal of the skin and the production of collagen and elastin for visibly smoother and firmer skin.

This is very relaxing facial treatment and lasts approx. 2 hours


Please Note: All facials are listed for information purposes. All treatments are bespoke and tailored to each client’s skin concerns. So don’t worry if you are unsure about which treatment is most suitable for you, this will be discussed during your skin consultation, where the most appropriate treatment will be recommended for your particular skin concerns.