Dry Skin Treatments

Nourishing and Comforting Vitamin C Treatment

If you suffer from dry or very dry skin, this is the treatment for you. The nourishing and comforting treatment is created with essential elements and plant extracts to hydrate thirsty skin and infuse it with protective fatty acids. As an extra bonus, natural Vitamin C stimulates collagen production making skin firmer. This treatment protects your skin from free radicals so that ageing is slowed down and skin is strengthened. A lemon self-heating mask further enhances the effects of the Vitamin C treatment and reinforces vital functions of the skin by boosting circulation of the skin cells leaving skin better hydrated and radiant.

£45.00 (approx. 75 mins)

Hydro-Repairing Collagen and Aloe Vera Treatment

This Anti-Ageing treatment is specifically designed to stimulate cell renewal and comfort the skin, making it look healthier, younger and replenished. The Active ingredients of Aloe Vera extract are rich in natural elements to soothe irritated skin and stimulate skin tissue regeneration.

£45.00 (approx. 75 mins)

Phyto-Aromatic Treatment for Dry Skin

The Phyto mask is a protective mask that intensely moisturises the skin and maximises the effect of essential oils, selected specifically for dry and sensitive skin. Used with a concentrated blend of Phyto-Complexe essential oils such as, Oregano, Rosemary, Citrus, Jasmine, Iris and Hyssop. These (practically) magic ingredients nourish the skin and boost it’s natural hydration, reducing feelings of tightness and soothing the skin leaving it more flexible, supple and firm.

£55.00 (approx. 75-90 mins)

Please Note: All facials are listed for information purposes. All treatments are bespoke and tailored to each client’s skin concerns. So don’t worry if you are unsure about which treatment is most suitable for you, this will be discussed during your skin consultation, where the most appropriate treatment will be recommended for your particular skin concerns.