Novita Chemical Skin Peels

Novita chemical skin peels are suitable and recommended for skin that really needs a bit of oomph!

Whether acne scarred, spotty, sun damaged dry or pigmented, there is a skin peel for you. It is best applied following a diamond tipped Microdermabrasion treatment for greater absorption of the product. There are different percentages of the peel available within each type. You will need to be advised as to which one is right for your individual needs at your consultation.

Chemical peels help to improve the appearance of the skin and correct the appearance of facial blemishes, reduce effects of smoking and sun exposure. Peels can also be used for reducing uneven pigmentation and acne scarring and other skin conditions.





Glycolic Acid Peel

Great for any skin, but more suitable for thicker, clogged skin types, sun damaged, mottled pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles will also be improved by Glycolic Acid peeling.

Lactic Acid

Nourishing and hydrating, this peel is for more mature skins with medium to deep lines and wrinkles. No visible peeling is associated with this peel, just amazingly hydrated skin!

BHA/AHA Acid Peel

Used mainly on badly acne scarred, acne prone, pigmented, clogged oily sebaceous skins, this peel will achieve a greater degree of exfoliation.

#Prices range between £55 – £85 depending upon type and strength of peel.

If taken as a combined treatment after microdermabrasion another £25 will be added.

Time duration can be 20-45 minutes.

The treatment option for all peels can also include SwissDermyl and Novita Skin Care Range for home use and/or microdermabrasion which may also be used in conjunction with the peels. We offer a resolution programme that consists of a unique combination of ingredients which have been proven to prevent the signs of ageing and to repair the skin, reduce wrinkles and prevent pigmentation spots, increase cell turnover and improve the complexion making the skin more radiant in appearance!

Please Note: All facials are listed for information purposes. All treatments are bespoke and tailored to each client’s skin concerns. So don’t worry if you are unsure about which treatment is most suitable for you, this will be discussed during your skin consultation, where the most appropriate treatment will be recommended for your particular skin concerns.